Two Linklaters partners have resigned after brawling at an Oktoberfest party.

The partners, both from the Munich office, were attending the firm's official After Wiesen party. According to an insider, litigation partner Laurenz Schmitt decided that a tax partner was "standing too close" to a female student employed by the firm. The source claims that he rushed over to the tax partner and a fight broke out in which Schmitt punched him repeatedly in the face.

An insider told RollOnFriday that "this kind of behavious is not unusual in Bavaria - especially during the Oktoberfest". But Linklaters management was sufficiently unimpressed to hold an internal investigation, and both Schmitt and the tax partner resigned. And so it came to pass that two very well paid middle-aged men lost their partnership at one of the world's top law firms because of a pissed-up scrap at a party over a student.

    A former Linklaters partner yesterday

Lamping fellow partners in the gob is the sort of behaviour generally frowned upon these days by truly top tier law firms, so Schmitt's departure seems unsurprising. But surely the tax partner must have done more than simply standing too close to the student (well, unless it was really very close indeed) to merit his own demise. Feel free to speculate wildly using the form below.

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The firm declined to comment.

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Anonymous 19 December 14 09:21

I actually pulled out my bratwurst at an Oktoberfest once and a group a strapping Germans smothered it in mustard and bit it off. I have had to undergo years of reconstructive surgery as a result.

Anonymous 19 December 14 21:30

Do some research, Schmitt hasn't resigned because this isn't what happened.

Anonymous 07 February 15 13:56

Is there a pic of the £6m-girl?