Frances Louise Brough, a former Law Society Council member, has been charged with 19 counts of fraud relating to her time on the Council.

Brough, a former personal injury lawyer, sat on the Law Society Council from September 2009 to December 2011. However the Law Society launched an investigation in expenses irregularities after she left, handing the results to the Metropolitan Police and the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Brough has now been charged with 19 counts of alleged fraud, and is on bail due to return to Westminster Magistrates' Court on 10 December.

And it's not the first time Brough has found herself on the wrong side of the law. In 2011 she had an argument with her 83 year-old neighbour, according to the Northumberland Gazette. Somehow this led to Brough sinking her teeth into the arm of her neighbour's daughter and hanging on "like a dog".

Police told South East Northumberland Magistrate's Court that when they arrived on the scene Brough had tried to resist arrest, telling officers she would "hunt them down" and "destroy" them. Brough pleaded not guilty but was convicted of assault, sentenced to 100 hours' community service and ordered to pay compensation of £100 and fees of £400.

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RollOnFriday could not contact Brough for comment. She is no longer on the Law Society Roll and despite citing her profession as "barrister" in documents provided to the Met Police, is not listed on the bar directory.

A Law Society spokesman said: "The Law Society takes expenses fraud very seriously. Following a Law Society internal investigation, this matter was passed to the police and the Solicitors Regulation Authority. We understand that the individual in question has subsequently been charged and has appeared in court. We will be making no further comments".
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Anonymous 23 November 12 13:59

Interesting isn't it that she was there for more than two years and yet investigation only happened after she left. It must be a really robust process.

Anonymous 23 November 12 20:11

Expense fiddling and a CEO paid £400k. Has the Law Society been taking lessons from banks and MPs?

Anonymous 21 December 12 15:08

Brough was remanded in custody for assault on the 29th September 2012 according to the Northumberland Gazette.