Dutch firm Deterink released a viral recruitment video in 2011. So viral that RollOnFriday has only just been made aware of its existence. But it's still an epic and unmissable piece of cinema.

Watch it immediately, preferably with the sound turned up. Pitched as a trailer - presumably for your career as a lawyer with the firm - it's a beautifully-edited piece which actually makes you want to work at a law firm. It's like an Edward Hopper painting as rendered by Batman's Christopher Nolan. The music swells as the firm's slickly-tailored staff look at each other moodily, walk out of their offices powerfully, drink wine thirstily, and stare into space wistfully before going to stand on a rooftop to just celebrate being a lawyer. It's A Powerful Law Firm. In Search of Excellence.

    This is how good it feels to be a lawyer at Deterink.

Oddly there's no evidence of associates sleeping under their desks, paginating massive trial bundles or getting a bollocking from halitotic partners. But it's still brilliant, and quite the most sexy thing to happen to law since Linklaters' partner Ralph Wollburg was caught with a pair of €3,000 leather trousers.

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Anonymous 13 July 12 12:58

Awesome. Its about time the legal fraternity invested in proper marketing rather than the rather tired and frankly loathsome hospitality we buyers have to suffer just to get our lawyers to talk to us.

Anonymous 13 July 12 15:30

With all that walking around and looking moody I'm pretty sure they are not getting their chargeables in