RollOnFriday understands that ex-Cobbetts staff have been denied basic services by their new employers, DWF. Insiders have even said they have to bring their own loo paper to work.

DWF bought Cobbetts earlier this month after it collapsed owing an eye-watering £41 million. The partners seem to have skipped away with nary a backward glance, but it's been more traumatic for the troops. A shellshocked Cobbetts refugee has said that after two weeks they still haven't been given any loo roll, binbags or sanitary waste bins by their new masters. Apparently their rubbish is not being collected, "the toilets are yet to be cleaned" and they're all "firmly made to feel like second class citizens".

    DWF (Cobbetts zone) yesterday

Still, it's only been a fortnight and maybe DWF are just on the point of air-dropping emergency bog roll supplies. We'll keep you posted.

DWF failed to respond to RollOnFriday's requests for comment.

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Anonymous 22 February 13 09:59

Terrible way to treat new members of staff no matter how they came to join the company, unless this is a way to force people out....

Anonymous 24 February 13 12:55

What absolute rubbish! We were left with none because we didn't pay suppliers! Within minutes of asking (25 approx) we had some dropped off!