DLA Piper has suspended one of its competition partners after claims were made that he punched a fellow partner in the face at a Christmas drinks party.

Duncan Gillespie was suspended after things went badly wrong at the Litigation and Regulatory department drinks on Wednesday evening. Insiders at DLA say that Gillespie argued with disputes partner Nick Marsh and claim that he then punched Marsh, leaving him with bruising and broken glasses.

  How a drinks party is meant to work

The firm's reaction was swift, with an investigation being launched on Thursday and senior partners reportedly flitting between the offices of the two partners all day. By Thursday evening, Gillespie had been suspended. No action is being taken against Marsh.

A DLA Piper spokesman said: "The firm has suspended the partner in question whilst an investigation is concluded".


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Anonymous 07 December 12 11:46

At least it is Partner on Partner violence rather than Partner on Associate a la Bamber...

Anonymous 07 December 12 12:23

I'm no longer at DLA (thank goodness) but I knew Duncan in the late 90's when he was a good laywer and a decent guy. While partnership, particularly in DLA, can turn even decent people into arrogant t0ssers, people shouldn't rush to judgement here.

But this story is a bit like the old days there. Anyone else remember the episode with the London office car-park, or the wonderful performance by Bobby Davro at the partners' conference...?

Anonymous 07 December 12 12:31

anonymous user
07/12/2012 11:52

Which, according to you and BLP's Banking department, makes it ok to abuse your associates. Good, glad we've sorted that moral dilemma out...

Anonymous 07 December 12 13:24

What's all the fuss about - all will be forgiven by New Year. If you can't get sloshed and get your partners a damn good thrashing at Xmas when can you ...

Anonymous 07 December 12 16:34

I'm not a lawyer but I've met Nick Marsh a couple of times. He's a really nice guy, not offensive in any way. I'm glad to hear no action is being taken against him.

Anonymous 07 December 12 16:55

As its been said its completely farcical that they are funding Christmas parties at all considering the cuts that they are doing.

DLA are the best at throwing these big parties though in uncertain times.... They never let you down. Didn't they host (and fund) a premiere of Sky Fall in Scotland just a few weeks before announcing their intention to pull the plug on their Glasgow office - Nice.

Anonymous 09 December 12 22:07

While the firm is making cuts, the majority of us are working extremely hard so the least the firm can do is continue to fund Xmas parties.

Anonymous 19 December 12 15:15

Sounds like two high spirited lads having a good time and letting off steam. With duals having been outlawed these type of incidents are almost inevitable. Management possibly needs to chill out, break open a few tinnies, watch a couple of 'Crockodile Dundee' films and recall their own youthful shenanigans.