The toilets at Allen & Overy were best avoided this week, after a member of staff voided his bowels in the soap dispensers.

The incident happened in the firm's Belfast office, presumably in homage to the rich tradition of dirty protests in the region. The profoundly disturbed employee made his point in the 5th floor lavatories, which are those used by management and HR. The physical mechanics of how he achieved this are not known to science.

  A&O yesterday

The contamination was swiftly discovered, staff were given antibacterial gel and the soap dispensers were locked in the style of a young offenders' institution. A hunt is underway for the culprit, although given the difficulties faced by Hammonds in catching the phantom shoe-pisser, tracking him down may not be an easy job.

A spokesman for the firm said that "this is an extremely unpleasant incident which we take very seriously. As you would expect, we have investigated the matter and taken steps to avoid a recurrence".

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Anonymous 03 May 13 12:30

I hope they follow through with that investigation, otherwise they will look very poo-r. Its worrying that this is not the first time, but incident number 2, this sort of thing needs to be wiped out before a turd incidence occurs or staff will leave and become kleen-ex employees.

Anonymous 03 May 13 12:46

Whilst the physical mechanics are hard to fathom, it could only have happened at the Magic Circle.

Roll On Friday 03 May 13 16:08

DNA... but then it may not be that of the person who deposited there. May be from a dog even.

Anonymous 03 May 13 19:17

What no one seems to have considered is that the perpetrator didn't have any toilet Roll on Friday

Anonymous 09 May 13 16:14

Obviously not good partnership prospects at A&O this year - what with having "to come to Equity with clean hands" and all that...

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