The partner suspended by Dentons after allegations of inappropriate sexual behaviour were made against him has left the firm. A Dentons spokesman said his behaviour "fell well below the expectations that we have of our partners".
RollOnFriday understands that while he was a partner at Scottish firm Maclay Murray & Spens, which merged with Dentons last year, several female employees approached the MMS HR team with complaints about his inappropriate sexual behaviour. A source told RollOnFriday that MMS HR warned one victim against making a formal complaint, asking her if she "really wanted to take him on" and advising her to “just get on with things”.

When Dentons was asked about the allegations by RollOnFriday in January, the firm suspended the partner and banned him from the premises while it investigated.  A spokesman said that the investigation "has now completed" and that the firm "found no evidence of sexual harassment". However, it said that during the investigation "it became apparent that the behaviour of the partner concerned fell well below the expectations that we have of our partners". It confirmed that he has now left the firm.

 Cleaning the office after he left. How it might have looked. 

His details have already been removed from Dentons' website. It follows the news that the Baker McKenzie partner whom RollOnFriday reported had entered into a settlement agreement with a junior lawyer after sexually assaulting her has also agreed to leave his firm.

If you would like to speak in confidence about an incident at your firm, please get in touch. Please note that although we will not reveal your details or those of the victims without express consent, we do need as much detail as possible in order to investigate allegations.

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