RollOnFriday can reveal an email sent by the College of Law Chief Executive Nigel Savage to his staff to explain why they'd been awarded a 2% pay rise. Which contrasts very interestingly with the 40% bonus that he trousered himself.

Savage sent the following email when the pay review kicked-in at the beginning of 2010:

From: Nigel Savage
Subject: College of Law Pay Review

Dear All,

I wanted to write to you all about the pay review which has been approved by the Governors.

The Review

The overall review is 2% of payroll with the individual reviews ranging from 0.7% to 2.16% depending upon your score under the PRP criteria. Your manager will be able to explain your score and you will be receiving a letter confirming these details in the coming days.

The review is set within the context of the difficult economic conditions the UK economy is experiencing. I know how hard people are working and I am very pleased that we are able to make the award.

Annual Leave

In response to feedback from you in the focus groups, I am pleased to inform you that your annual leave entitlement for the calendar year 2010 will increase to 30 days from the current level of 28 days. If we can demonstrate that the increase in holidays does not have a negative impact on productivity within the College then we will be able to make 30 days holiday the norm, which will align your entitlement with that of the Directors and the Board. I am sure that we will all pull together with our teams and managers to make this work.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your hard work and commitment over the past 12 months, your support is very much appreciated. I look forward to us working together to realise our Vision and build a World-class professional law school. .

Kind regards,

Nigel Savage
Chief Executive

College of Law staff would have no doubt been delighted to hear that if they work REALLY hard they:

(a) might receive a meagre increase whilst Savage dines on swan and panda; and

(b) might eventually earn the right to the same amount of annual leave as said boss is already enjoying.

RollOnFriday spoke to the College of Law, which said that Nige's hefty package was down to a bonus, not a payrise, so it was difficult to make a comparison. And the financial success of the institution, thanks of course to Saint Nige, means that more money can be ploughed into their pro bono efforts. All of which will no doubt fully answer the concerns of College staff.
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