School may be out for the summer, but it's business as usual for exam cock-ups at the College of Law. RollOnFriday received news this week of three howlers in recent exams, all of which have subsequently been confirmed as true by the College.

So eyes down for the RollOnFriday exam. No conferring.
  • Question1:

    Why did students sitting the Employment Law exam get a sense of déjà vu when they opened their paper?

    Answer: Because the first five multiple choice questions were identical to their specimen exam paper given out to aid their revision.

    The College said that the first five questions will be ignored for the purposes of marking, because plenty of people noticed the error during the exam. So tough luck if you got all of them correct.
  • Question 2:

    Why did the Commercial Dispute Resolution paper have to be replaced?

    Answer: Because a member of admin staff at the York campus gave the exam paper to a student before the big day.

    Said student immediately (and embarrassingly) handed it back, bloody fool.

    The College confirmed that (fortunately) there's always a replacement exam paper on standby - mandatory, RollOnFriday imagines, under the College's well-rehearsed cock-up procedures.
  • Question 3:

    What was the difference between two questions on the Tort paper?

    Answer: Precious little. They were almost identical after one of the questions that was meant to be on the August resit paper found its way onto the June paper.

    The College said that exam marks are being moderated, but that it doesn't think the similarity of the questions will have any impact on performance. So good luck if you wrote the same essay twice.
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