The College of Law has allayed fears that it could be losing its competitive edge this week, by proving that it remains untouchable when it comes to cocking up exam results.

At the allotted time of 12 pm yesterday, hundreds of LPC students anxiously logged onto the "ELITE" student portal to retrieve their interim exam results. However, there were no results to be found. A few minutes of frantic refreshing later resulted in a message that "there has been a technical problem with the publication of these results. We are hoping to make these available in within the next 30-40 minutes".

    CoL's computer saying "no" yesterday

As promised, at 12:35, the much-anticipated results appeared. Or rather, a random selection of exam results appeared, including some results that weren't supposed to be announced until May while, to students' alarm, other results failed to appear at all.

Eventually, after worried queries from the students, it emerged that the College had published a selection of unchecked Core Practice Area results. Which were then swiftly removed as, in the CoL's words, they were "not remotely at the stage at which they were ready for publication".

Exam time is generally a fraught one for the CoL. If it's not computer systems crashing pretty much every time results are published, it's handing out incorrect exam materials, duplicating exam paper questions or staff providing sneak peeks of exam papers.  A CoL spokeswoman told RollOnFriday that the exam results were removed from ELITE because of a "system error". She added "we contacted all students very quickly after this was discovered to apologise for the error....Once the fault has been resolved we will post corrected transcripts."

As one CoL victim wrote on RollOnFriday's discussion board: "And we pay them £12k for this?"
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