The College of Law has shown an unlikely chink in its armour by offering a compromise to settle a claim against a student for non-payment of its fees.

Recently the College's solicitors, Nelsons, have been claiming the full amount of fees from students who accepted a place on their courses but then withdrew before the course started. But there is at least a glimmer of hope for students who would prefer not to fund Ferraris for the College board without ever having received a single lecture in return.

One student has told RollOnFriday that when he cancelled his place after the CoL's deadline, Nelsons pursued him endlessly for £4,080 in fees. Eventually he gave in and sent them £2,000, saying that that was all he could afford. And while Nelsons wrote back to say that this wasn't acceptable, it did indicate the College would be prepared to take £3,080.

    Nigel Savage relieving a student of some household goods yesterday

OK, this is hardly generous. But a grand is a grand, and anyone currently embroiled in a similar battle with the CoL might be interested to hear this. Particularly as the CoL is currently gearing up for a sale and will be keen to avoid adverse publicity. Now might be a good time to settle...

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Anonymous 11 November 11 10:11

I think people should be asking what profit the CoL makes on each student over the year period. It is certainly not £4,080, and therefore they should not be seeking that amount in these circumstances...

Anonymous 11 November 11 13:03

settle? seriously for less than £5,000 in the small claims court - let them sue and be out of pocket