An email sent by a senior associate at Clifford Chance accusing a colleague of being a wanker has gone viral after it was leaked outside the firm.

The story began when Inder Choitrim was interviewed by Time Out Abu Dhabi. They published a picture of him looking sechsy and an interview in which he went on about getting his hair cut at ManAge and hanging out at the Yacht Club. Gripping stuff.

    Smarter than your average lawyer

However on Wednesday one of his colleagues emailed the article around the office, with the subject "Gold". He rapidly received the following reply. Copied to everyone.


Clifford Chance wouldn't comment.

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Anonymous 01 June 12 09:48

Great stubble, almost Bono-esque.

In fact a great look for all up and coming partners at CC.

Anonymous 01 June 12 13:03

Can't read the email - please attach in a different format.

LauraP 01 June 12 13:07

We've changed the format of the image - please let us know if it's still not working for anyone

Anonymous 01 June 12 15:31

How can he have a copy at home if it came out while he was away? Just saying.

Anonymous 01 June 12 18:13

Seems to be working.

Anonymous 01 June 12 19:29

The little fella is merely 5ft3, but clearly his ego is a lot taller...

Anonymous 02 June 12 12:14

And so say all of us....

Anonymous 02 June 12 15:00

Sounds like a classic case of clashing egos; it's not often that male lawyers at MC firms get such recognition for having style, and short men even less so (just in case any if you are wondering, I'm a lawyer at a MC firm, 6 ft 1", but find little time to enjoy a stylish life). So hats off to Mr Choitram for achieving a rare feat; since G was a naughty fella and then got such a slapping, in public, they should just do the gentlemanly thing and apologise to each other. Maybe G is secretly crying out for some advice on style...I'm sure he is not alone.

Anonymous 03 June 12 14:34

Anyone who has met him will be amused by the irony of Graham Watt sending this.

Anonymous 06 June 12 22:15

This suit is mafia consigliere. Surely?

Anonymous 07 June 12 19:37

is it a prerequisite to be under 5ft8" to be considered for MC partnership?