Guests at Ashurst's Christmas party last week were treated to an unexpected display of pole dancing.

The firm took over the Bloomsbury Big Top, a glamorous 800 seat venue in Coram's Fields, for its Christmas bash. The event was meant to have a circus theme which, according to the organiser's website, looks like this:


However, staff were alarmed to discover that one part of the evening looked more like this:


A spokeswoman for the firm said that "the event was organised by an external company and the firm understood that this was a standard circus themed Christmas party which involved a variety of circus acts including jugglers, people on stilts and trapeze hoop. Needless to say, the acrobatic performances around poles came as somewhat of a surprise."

Meanwhile, there have been reports of bad behaviour at other City firms' parties: one lawyer left a comment on RollOnFriday claiming that he went to the gents at his firm's event to find "a female partner on her knees in front of one of our 'biggest' clients. What could I do? I said 'hi there' and carried on emptying my bladder as planned. Needs must."

And insiders have told RollOnFriday that the managing director of a large legal aid firm was caught in a "compromising situation" with a female trainee in the firm's board room.

Send in details of office party sexploits and we'll publish a round-up of the best/worst in the New Year.

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Anonymous 16 December 11 12:43

I find the comment on female partner blowing very hard to believe. How on earth would he know who the man was? How often do we actually see the clients we're working for? So unless he's not directly working for this man (and due to the lack of any ad hoc wit, he's probably a junior associate so in no way in contact with the bosses of big clients), he wouldn't know who the man was.

Nice try tho.

Anonymous 16 December 11 17:19

'Female partner peforms sex act on floor of toilet' sounds more like a wishful fantasy than a witnessed fact.

After all, anybody with even a little bit of breeding knows that's what the cubicles are for.

Anonymous 16 December 11 21:49

Had you actually seen the female partner blowing this client and said "hi there" then clearly it would be very easy for them to figure who made the report to roll on friday. Not very smart, if your story is true. Although I very much doubt its true.

Anonymous 17 December 11 07:38

Whether its true or not is not the point - it was funny.

What's wrong with you people? The purpose of this website is entertainment rather than dry analysis.

Whoever you are, thanks for the story, I thought it was funny and it made me laugh so no harm done.