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He did eat them, but furiously.

Allen & Overy's attempt to spread cheer by handing out Percy Pig vouchers had the opposite effect on one of its lawyers, RollOnFriday is sad to report.

Everyone in the firm's Belfast office received a £10 Marks & Spencer voucher on 17 January to alleviate the mood on 'Blue Monday', with an accompanying note suggesting they use it to buy "cake or Percy Pigs".

But at least one lawyer was insulted by the gesture, so much so that they interrogated A&O Managing Partner Gareth Price when he held a town hall meeting a week later, said sources.

A Belfast partner "watched on in horror" as Price was asked to explain why business services staff had received £50 in December, whereas the lawyers had not been given a Christmas present for the "first time ever", or an end-of-year bonus. 

A source close to management said the business services team was given extra cash because, unlike the lawyers, their Christmas lunch had to be cancelled due to Covid restrictions. It’s unlikely that explanation will mollify any outraged fee-earners, but don’t despair, RollOnFriday has the solution (£10):

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Sumoking 11 February 22 09:33

what kind of a massive [redacted] hole turns their nose up at some gratis percy pig?

and has it dawned on them that they have now given management a "well we're going to get complaints anyway so might as well keep even the token gesture"

well done sun, you've left everyone in the office with a stinging red ring

Anonymous 11 February 22 10:06

I don't work for them but the explanation of pay to cover aborted Xmas party seems fair. The percy pigs thing reminds me of some other firms who dish out Easter eggs. Just a nice gesture. 

Anonymous 11 February 22 10:27

These kids sitting on over a £100k moaning about Percy.  God…..give me strength. It was a kind gesture for blue Mondays.  Business services lunch was cancelled….hence why they were given £50.  There is a social budget for lawyers to spend anyway so what’s the problem?

Toby Greenlord, Freeman on the Land 11 February 22 10:47

This sort of thing is why I left the law game.

Exactly the same sort of nonsense I used to get when I inspected fishing permits at the gravel pit.  

If you're not going to give me a bite of your Snickers then it's going to kick off. 

And why is it called Snickers anyway.  it tasted much better when it was Marathon.

Annonymous 11 February 22 10:57

In reply to the comment at 1027 these are people in the Belfast office who aren't on London salaries!  There are partners in Belfast firms who don't earn what London NQs earn.

Anonymous 11 February 22 11:11

Better than the chocolate with a total value of £6 CC got instead of the usual £30 Canary Wharf mall voucher for Christmas this year. Don't get me wrong, I love a Tony's Chocoloney but this was also in lieu of a Chrismas party

Anon 11 February 22 11:20

100k in A&O in Belfast?

Fat chance unless you're mates with somebody. 

Won't be long till they publish their new pay scale which starts on a dairy milk and rises to a pick n' mix with a bonus of a Freddo conditional on performance. 

Work remotely and it'll be half a dairy milk. 

Anon 11 February 22 11:30

It was only Business Services staff in Belfast who got a £50 voucher. The London Business Services staff got nothing. I would have raised that if I had been at that meeting … 

Belfast 11 February 22 15:28

In fairness, Belfast is the festering cesspool of the corporate legal world.

What does A&O Belfast do other than make a hash of NDAs?

Sugar High 11 February 22 18:02

Reminds me of an end of FY "thank you" from the partners in my team for a massively profitable year: 3 boxes of Krispy Kremes. I was so insulted I nearly didn't eat 4 of them.

London123xyz 12 February 22 07:59

We get a chocolate advent calendar and an Easter egg every year. Honestly it's just a bit of fun.

They might not be on London salaries but A&O in Belfast still earn a massive amount and it is not as expensive to live in as London.

Toby Greenlord says GUILTY 12 February 22 20:16

If they had taken the time to train as Common Law Constables instead of wasting their time in Straw Man Law they could have arrested the partners for a human rights abuse and had them tried ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

A&O Belfast Hostage 13 February 22 18:50

I work at A&O in Belfast and we most certainly do NOT earn a 'massive amount'. I started on around £17K and average salaries for the majority of staff are still under £30K. Only a small number of very senior management would be earning anything close to £100K. Pre-covid there were good summer and Christmas parties and they have made an effort to send hampers and gift vouchers from time to time throughout the pandemic.

Anonymous 15 February 22 23:30

They should have let him have a go on the foot spa.

Seems a bit mean to only let partners use it and it's  anyway.

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