Venerable legal publisher Chambers & Partners has become the latest body to pimp out a cruddy piece of office furniture, by offering lawyers mentioned in its guide the chance to part with £230 + VAT in return for a plaque.

A gushing email has recently been sent to those firms which are to be ranked in the Chambers Guide 2012 (i.e. pretty much all biggish firms). The lucky firms were offered plaques - embossed on silver and "laid on an Oak veneer" - to decorate their offices. Excited partners will no doubt be thrilled to hear that each plaque "sits nicely on the wall". And all for a mere £230 plus VAT.

    A Chambers & Partners plaque (artist's impression).

Admittedly that's better value than The Lawyer's special kitemark, flogged to the UK top 200 firms. And firms get something tangible for their money which they can hammer into a wall and allow to gather dust, rather than just a logo to stick on their website.

Individual lawyers who've been listed in Chambers can have one made too. The absolute cherry on top of the icing of the cake of a career in law.
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Anonymous 22 September 11 22:50

Hey, if someone's actually going to pay for this stuff, you can't blame C&P for trying to flog it. Though I assume it will remain, *ahem*, minority interest...

Anonymous 23 September 11 10:28

I confess we just laughed when we received the "exclusive" invitation to buy tat from Chambers...

Anonymous 23 September 11 11:54

Chambers, clearly believing that lawyers are like magpies - attracted to shiny objects.

Anonymous 23 September 11 12:32

Problem is: people will buy the damn things. Especially the Americans. man do they like a tacky placky.

Anonymous 23 September 11 15:36

Hold off guys from placing your purchase - the Chinese will be selling counterfeit versions on Alibaba by the end of the week.

Anonymous 23 September 11 16:49

I've bought one and am going to put it up at home (downstairs loo probably). It's just another clever trick keep my wife from finding out that I was made redundant seeven months ago.

Anonymous 23 September 11 17:18

"Previous years’ rankings can also be produced for you." so says Chambers in its email. One presumes that if you bung em a few bob they will even produce one with your new ranking for 2013 nod nod wink wink?

Anonymous 23 September 11 17:25

I've been looking for a shield to cover a particularly unsightly blemish on my toilet wall for some time...

Anonymous 23 September 11 18:24

I’d prefer a cheap pine veneer myself. Good for firewood when the office gets a bit cold.