The trial of a former Linklaters partner for allegedly raping an intern at the firm's Oktoberfest party has begun in Germany.

Tax partner 'Thomas E' is accused of raping and causing deliberate bodily harm to a female student in the garden of a Greek restaurant during the Munich office's annual 'After Wiesen' party in 2014. Another Linklaters partner, litigation lawyer Laurenz Schmitt, has already been sentenced to seven months in prison for punching Thomas E three times in the face. Schmitt claimed that he was protecting the intern, who did not remain with the firm, from Thomas E's unwanted advances.

Both partners resigned from Linklaters in October 2014. When Schmitt stood trial in Munich in 2016 he accused Linklaters of botching its internal investigation into the incident, claiming that then-Senior Partner of Germany Dr. Carl-Peter Feick, who now sits on Linklaters' executive board, failed to follow protocol in his interviews with the student. This week, on the first day of Thomas E's trial, Feick testified as a witness that he elevated the matter to the London office after hearing of the incident the day after it happened, and that then-Senior Partner Robert Elliot flew Thomas E to the UK for an hours-long internal hearing.

  There was a weird atmosphere even before things turned nasty.

Sentencing Schmitt, Judge Bonkamp said that he "absolutely believed" the student's "very credible" testimony that she had been raped. Thomas E's lawyers told RollOnFriday the allegations were part of a "fatal campaign carried out by Schmitt in an attempt to justify his grievous assault". 

A Linklaters spokesman declined to comment on the basis that the latest trial was continuing.
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Anonymous 07 July 17 11:00

I know that generally the tone of this site is light-hearted and comic ( and I love that). However there is nothing funny in this story at all. The silly picture and the comment are in poor taste.

Anonymous 07 July 17 11:54

I got very angry that the other partner received a 7 month prison sentence for defending the intern.

Then I followed the link and found out that it was a suspended sentence.

Why isn't that detail included in this article?

Anonymous 07 July 17 12:03

To the unfortunate "people" who neg rated the comment by anon@10am, if you think rape is funny have a serious word with yourself.

Anonymous 07 July 17 13:53

I can't work out how you know whether it's a positive or a negative. I +ved your comment anonuser11:03 and the number 1 comes up in the middle. Then I -ved my original comment and the number went down to 7. God, I'm old....

Anonymous 07 July 17 22:51

One of the partner's colleagues gave him a proper send-off with comments about how hard-done by he'd been by being forced to go. Guess which one?

Anonymous 11 July 17 17:20

You couldn't make it up! Carl Peter FEICK and Judge BONKamp!!

Anonymous 14 July 17 06:11

To the unfortunate "person" that wrote the 11:03 comment (who is probably the same person that wrote the 10:00 comment) you need to appreciate that 'taste' is subjective. Just because "people" may have found ROFs picture and comment (which involved light-hearted mocking of Germans and nothing to do with rape) amusing and therefore disagreed with the 10:00 comment does not mean they find rape funny.