A former Clyde & Co lawyer has written an excruciating book about going sex-mad during his early mid-life crisis.

Andrew Caulfield trained at Herbert Smith Freehills before moving to Pitmans and then Clyde & Co. But, he told RollOnFriday, he became sick of "the City law firm culture" and quit in 1996 for the more convivial world of, errr, legal recruitment.

He also divorced his wife and put it about a bit, it turns out. He has now self-published a tell-all memoir about his exploits snappily titled "50! The Life, Loves & Psyche of a Male Mid-Life Crisis: Volume 1 - The Journey". Caulfield, 49, wrote the book in the third person using the pseudonym Cory Y Standby (an anagram of Story by Andy), although he then identified himself by giving his photo to the tabloids. Caulfield told RollOnFriday that he "got a torrent of abuse from my second ex-wife after she read the Daily Mail article". RollOnFriday paid its £3.99 and pulled out some highlights.

  Caulfield, looking contrite for the Mail

Caulfield told RollOnFriday that the press had exaggerated, with the Mail claiming  "I slept with hundreds of women" and the Daily Star "thousands". Whereas, "some dozens would be best guess over those wild few years". Still, the book has received two five star reviews on Amazon, one from an 'Andrew Caulfield' who calls it "great".

Caulfield is clearly still reflecting on his experiences: "A friend told me I should have stayed married and had affairs like they all do", he said. Before adding, "not to my second ex-wife though, she spent all her time flirting on RoF".

But back off, ladies, because Caulfield is now seeing someone. Find out what you're missing for mere pounds and your will to live.
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Anonymous 22 May 15 13:41

Daily Mail is a publication that’s not exactly known to be the most reliable source. For Internet readers, Daily Mail is considered our guilty little pleasure, the digital equivalent of passing by tabloids at the grocery store. While many stories are just flat-out gossip-y, some are actually super damaging —in fact, the website has run into trouble with celebrities, and has faced multiple libel lawsuits.


Anonymous 22 May 15 15:19

As an internet reader myself, I might add that the Daily Mail (obv the print version) is also used as toilet paper as a last resort.