Just what are law firm marketing types smoking in the Netherlands? Just a week after RollOnFriday brought an astonishing recruitment video from top Amsterdam lawyers Deterink to a wider audience, another Dutch firm's viral marketing video has been revealed.

Picture the scene: a bland courtroom in the Netherlands. Enter a host of grim-faced men and women in flowing black robes and white neckerchiefs. Why, it's the lawyers of Wessel Tideman and Sassen. They line up, as if to pitch to a potential client. Will this be the usual litany of tedious statistics, deals done and so on? Absolutely not.

Suddenly, apropos of nothing at all, the lawyers begin the Ka Mate haka, replete with shrieking, arm slapping and jumping. Quite extraordinary for a distinguished-looking group of lawyers (except, of course, for those from Kennedys, where making a berk of yourself on YouTube is de rigueur).

Fortunately, they avoid the more controversial Kapa o Pango, where the participants round off the traditional welcome by making a throat slitting gesture. Instead, the advert ends with the question: "Zoekt u een strijdlustige advocaat?" ("Looking for a combative lawyer?"). Yes, but please stop stamping on my head at the back of the scrum.

If you're at one of those firms that ban YouTube, here's a sample image. Watch the rest when you get home.

    The ordinary course of business, Dutch style

Thanks to the Roffer who sent in the video. If you've spotted something similar, then do get in touch in the usual - anonymous - fashion.

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Anonymous 20 July 12 04:35

Correct that it's not the Kapa O Pango (which was created specifically for the ABs) but its not Ka Mate either. Did they get permission from Ngati Toa to use it in their video? They just got recognised as the owner of the intellectual property in that Haka.

Anonymous 20 July 12 17:38

I can't view the video (pathetic internet connection routed via the US) but this is mostly funny because of the dutch tourist who was headbutted for getting too close to a Maori welcome in New ZEaland about three years ago. Some sweet wraak from the Netherlands perhaps?