Up to 30 staff at the College of Law face redundancy. In less than tactful move, they were told the news on the same day that it was revealed that members of the College board had received bonuses totalling just under £1m.

Last Thursday lecturing staff at all eight centres of the College attended simultaneous briefings at which they were informed that five centres were overstaffed. Apparently London Bloomsbury, Guildford, Birmingham, Chester and York need to say goodbye to 30 people. The College has proposed a voluntary redundancy process, but if there are not enough takers then it plans to make compulsory redundancies.
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A spokeswoman for the College denied that bonuses of £1m had been paid, but wouldn't give any other figure. She said that the timing of the redundancy announcement "was purely coincidental" and added that "there is no connection between this staffing review... and executive remuneration levels".

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