Locked out

BPP students "locked out" 

BPP University Law School has been hit by a cyber attack, which has apparently resulted in students being unable to access coursework.

A BPP spokeswoman confirmed to RollOnFriday that the law school had been "subject to a cyber-security incident" where its "systems were accessed by an unauthorised third party."

Students complained of having their coursework "locked or blocked" leaving them unable to access some documents as exams loomed, according to a report in The Gazette.

The BPP spokeswoman said: "We rapidly implemented interim solutions to ensure that students and colleagues have been inconvenienced as little as possible." She said that "teaching has been largely unaffected, and we have taken steps to ensure that no student is disadvantaged." So it may not be in the same league as a Kaplan exam fiasco last year. 

The BPP spokeswoman also said that the university had been working closely "with external specialists" to bring their "systems safely back online", and had also been in contact with "cyber-security specialists to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident and the nature and extent of any data affected". 

Law firms have not been immune from cyber attacks in the past. Ince was hacked last year and in 2020 a ransomware gang claimed it would auction a US law firm's celebrity client files

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