BPP has cancelled its law degree, but maintains that the course has only been suspended.

A BPP spokeswoman told RollOnFriday that it was just "pausing" LLB intakes from 2018/19, and that existing students and those in its apprentice programme would be able to continue their studies. The number of undergraduates on the LLB at BPP has plummeted from around 650 in previous years to around 100 in 2017. BPP’s spokeswoman blamed the drop on having "raised our entry criteria", and also a mysterious "range of other factors". She didn't specify what the other factors were, so RollOnFriday had a stab:

- High entry requirements: 24%
- Virulent outbreaks of rabies: 41% (possibly not true)
- Mandatory full body cavity searches: 15% (possibly not true)
- Forcibly dressing students as Jacob Rees-Mogg: 20%


University degree awards would make a comeback, insisted BPP, but exactly when was dependent on the SRA's implementation of the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE, pronounced 'SQUEEEE'), which will replace all current routes to becoming a solicitor. In a slightly contrary statement, BPP said it was shifting its focus away from the LLB to develop "new programmes to prepare students for a post-SQE qualification route".

RollOnFriday understands that the university is also making 15 staff redundant. It declined to comment on the redundancies, or confirm if they comprised a chunk of the LLB staff.
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Anonymous 01 June 18 11:29

Might is also be because the law degrees offered by the likes of BPP and the UoL might not be regarded sufficiently highly by potential employers?

Anonymous 06 June 18 07:40

Considering one of the total bell cheddars who teaches at BPP one can only hope as to which ones have been selected for redundancy.