This week's bonkers website comes courtesy of Dutch litigation firm Dornstedt. In a stroke of genius, its lawyers have illustrated the adversarial nature of their practise by taking pictures of each other after getting punched in the face.

Or that's what it looks like. Presumably it's actually clever photoshopping. Sporting the tagline "You've got to fight for your right", the website depicts Netherlands' most literal lawyers with cuts and bruises looking wired on adrenaline. "We litigate on the razor's edge" says another, and they do indeed look familiar with razors, albeit the kind they can stick in a bar of soap before shiving a snitch in the prison showers.

    M. C. V. Dornstedt is the daddy now



Mr M. M. Collins, according to the website. We won't argue    





    T. van Gills does the accounts and a mean 1000 yard stare




You should see the other office manager    

Dodge a sock-full of pool balls at Dornstedt's site. If you've spotted an off-kilter law firm website, let RollOnFriday know.


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Jamie Hamilton 04 March 14 14:25

Ahem. Yes. But they haven't gone completely Ray Winstone-in-Scum. In Dutch "U kunt" means "You can".

Anonymous 05 March 14 10:57

Haha - that's the funniest thing I've heard all day. Worth highlighting to the ROF community shurely :-)