Tip Off ROF


Anonymous 20 September 13 08:41

Very sensible advice and it should be appreciated by studes, many of whom need to know. The firm should have more courage and stick with it!

Anonymous 22 September 13 13:15

welcome to law's version of stepford wives! Alternatively look for a firm where personality and individuality are rewarded rather than frowned upon

Anonymous 25 September 13 09:57

Tie bars are made for waiters... Pocket squares are alright but not appropriate for trainees (they should keep a low profile).
Brown shoes are a better option than black ones but only if you have style.

Excpet that, the boy is quite right.

Anonymous 10 October 13 14:15

some of the best bits;

The suit
Buy black three piece... Next or M&S" - No, unless you want to wear a polyester bin bag to work.

" one black and one neutral button up cardigan" - yawn - Camilla.

"plain hosiery only.. pattern looks cheap" - but shiny neutral dancing on ice thickness tights are ok?!

"no excuse for wearing running shoes on your walk to work" - they're called TRAINERS love and if im running to work im not going to wear the Clarks monstrosities you would likely suggest anyway.

"the sock bun is a lifesaver" - if you're from Essex or an air hostess.

"now let your awesomeness speak for itself" - sadly no one is going to speak to you so that you have an opportunity to prove your "awesomeness" as you look like a loser.