Allen & Overy's Paris office is being sued by a former associate who claims the firm breached his employment contract.

The firm is facing exactly the same problem as Herbert Smith. In common with most firms in France, it hires its associates on a freelance basis - thereby avoiding the very generous protection (and payouts) afforded to full-time employees under French employment law. An associate who had his contract terminated is now claiming that he worked such long hours for A&O that he was in fact a full-time employee. And, therefore, he should receive the same pile of cash he would have been entitled to as an employee.

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A spokesman for A&O said "we're aware of one case regarding an associate who is no longer with Allen & Overy, as such we are unable to comment".

RollOnFriday contacted Avi Bitton, the crusading ex-Clifford Chance associate who is currently hassling Herbert Smith, to see whether he would be taking on A&O too. He replied that he was currently unaware of the case so couldn't comment.
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