A poor Allen & Overy PA was forced to witness a stranger getting naked last month and defecating in a train aisle.  

Ellie Bekir had just boarded the 5.45pm from London Liverpool Street to Southend in February when her commute was disrupted by a nude passenger weeing into a bottle and decoupling a small brown carriage onto the floor. 

She told the Daily Mail that she was on the train with a friend when they noticed people "moving towards our section of the carriage". When they looked up they saw a man, later identified as 57-year-old Malcolm Hines, with his trousers down "peeing into a bottle. He was facing away from us and he never looked around."


"You have caused confusion and delay."

Bekir said that everyone in the carriage was "freaking out about it". The stranger then removed his shirt, got completely naked and "kept bending forward so you could see everything". The PA said "at one point he put his finger in his bum for a few seconds. It was absolutely bizarre. We didn't know whether to laugh or cry."

While doing one or both of those things, Bekir retained the presence of mind to capture the incident on her phone. Police removed Hines at Stratford, and he has been charged with one count of outraging public decency. British Transport Police said the charge "relates to a report of a man being naked and defecating on board a train service shortly before 6pm”.


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Anonymous 08 March 19 10:38

Certainly seems like an unwell man and last thing he’d have needed is someone filming him and publishing in the national press. Shame on this individual at A&O. Hope he gets the help he needs. 

Gobblepig 08 March 19 11:08

British Transport Police said the charge "relates to a report of a man being naked and defecating on board a train service shortly before 6pm”. So presumably he would have been absolutely fine to pinch one off from 6pm onwards?

SWR Commuter 08 March 19 12:51

She should be grateful to be on a train where there’s room for people to move up the carriages.  On SWR, I doubt the perp would have had room to bend down, let alone bend forward to give everyone a clear view of what he was up to. 

On reflection, there could be people on my train shitting on the floor every morning, but there’s too many people in the way to see them.  I’m convinced - I’m moving to Southend.

Anonymous 08 March 19 16:11

@wrong 'un - or more likely its a mental health issue and those labelling him a 'wrong 'un' are just wrong 'uns.

Anon and on 08 March 19 18:48

Doesn’t sound like anyone has covered themselves in glory here.  Allen & Overy must be thrilled to have a PA with a hotline to the Daily Mail! 

Anonymous 08 March 19 22:45

Thing is that the idea of care in the community is based on the principle that a persons liberty is sacrosanct and state interference in it must always  be justified. Anything less than criminal violence, and even that in many cases, will not justify taking a mentally ill person out of social circulation whether it is to protect us from them or, as in this case, them from the ignorant, stupid and exploitative amongst the rest of us. I'm not sure if this is cruel or not. Old style asylums were often intended as a place of refuge but many of these people value their freedom.

Anonymous 09 March 19 12:12

Certainly sounds exploitive from this individual. No concern from this PA for the welfare of an unwell man. A&O must be proud to be their employer. 

Anonymous 09 March 19 16:12

If the PA wants a bit of extra money maybe she should have a go at being a care worker for a bit rather than splashing someone else's misfortune over the gutter press for cash.

a perfectly normal human being 13 March 19 14:42

Oh FGS who hasn’t got naked and had a sh*t on a train. Has it come to this, that we take ourselves so seriously as a country, that this is considered a matter for the courts?

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