A tip of the hat to Peter Crisp of BPP Law School, who informed me of the excellent "President Erdogan Offensive Poetry Competition" being run by the Spectator.

Erdogan has essentially made any form of criticism of himself illegal in Turkey. And he is now trying to do the same all over Europe. A German commedian who insulted Erdogan on a late night show in March found himself being prosecuted and placed under police protection. The Spectator, outraged at this, has offered £1,000 to the person who can write the most disgusting limerick about the President. Surely a RollOnFriday reader must walk away with the prize.


RoF has chipped in. Here's my effort:

A slack-sphinctered Turk name of Er'gan
Is acutely ashamed, it is certain,
Of the humiliation
Of his defenestration
After fisting himself by a curtain.

I fear it has been trumped by Jamie's:

Erdogan’s been banned from kids’ parties

For cramming his arse with the Smarties
Grunting “Wait, there's more”
He sh*ts on the floor
Then f*cks his urethra with car keys.

And my colleague James has surely channelled the very spirit of Milton:

Erdogan’s Turkish delight
Is a goat that’s too timid to fight
He pins down the Billy
And inserts his willy
Whilst Merkl applauds at the sight

Please click here to send in your entry to the Spectator and be in with a chance of a grand, and please copy it to [email protected] for us to do a round up of the best.  A RoF T shirt goes to the winning entry.