We're keen to use our big gob to help you. But how?

During the recession, RollOnFriday put redundant lawyers into legal advice centres and arranged for firms to give those lawyers interviews once things turned around. More recently, we partnered with St Mungo's to provide homeless people with paid work experience in firms and law schools.


Shoot stuff? No, not that. Not that?

While we can't build respirators, yet, RollOnFriday is unpaywalled and everyone in the sector reads it. As such, is there a service we should be offering during this unprecedented crisis? Let us have your suggestions, credible or crap or silly (at least it might make people smile), and we'll see what we can do.

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Anonymous 17 March 20 17:30

Good job RoF. 

I’m working from home and already going stir crazy. And it’s only been two days. I never realised I was such a corporate bitch. 

I know you have a discussion board but it seems to be populated by the same regulars. Might you be able to come up with another board specifically for home working staff to banter with each other?

Anonymous 17 March 20 17:36

Right now, Jamie, you should publish a table of firms that GENUINELY encourage all staff to work remotely and those which continue to force us to trek in on the tube every day (like the fuckers at my shop). 

Name, shame and get them to smarten up. 

Jamie Hamilton 18 March 20 11:42

Discussion board - Try just bombing into the main board. The regulars are (mostly) good eggs. Fresh blood always good.

Remote working - Yes, we've been getting lots of tips on firm's covid responses. We are doing a round-up story on Friday. If you have issues at your shop, let us know anonymously and we'll include. We will be naming firms.


Anonymous 20 March 20 13:22

How about a section for volunteering.

E.g. someone who is good at housing cases, benefits entitlements and consumer rights can put forward their skills on a pro bono basis.  

Anyone needing help can contact ROF in first instance who then convert it into a better packaged instruction so the volunteer can formulate their advice faster. ROF being effectively the broker. 

Maybe a 3 instruction limit so the volunteer doesn't get inundated. 

Lindsay Gledhill 20 March 20 22:53

support solicitors who will be working in dangerous close conditions in police stations -underpaid frontline workers.

concerned aspiring solicitor 10 April 20 11:39

It would be really useful to have a list of firms that are actually still interested in interviewing for training contracts if at all. The only information we have out there is which firms have cancelled their spring and summer vacation schemes. 

Anonymous 24 April 20 07:51

Any suggestions for people at all levels who have been made redundant (or otherwise become unemployed as a result of the coronavirus) would be great.