Problem of a reader:

Now it's summer I am sometimes asked to take a partner's space on a golf day, whilst they are at the Soneva Fushi 9 * 7 Senses over water glass bottomed villa spending quality time with their wife and children they never see for the other 50 weeks of the year.

I don't enjoy golf but there is a lot of pressure to take up the invitation and tick the networking box, as well as the chance I may make a good contact.  Any advice before I bully off?

I feel for you. Golf is such a thankless game.  In your longer letter you say that you can play golf but it's not something you do regularly. Or enjoy.

In my opinion golf is like sex.  You think that spending a day doing it with some people you know slightly and some others you don't know at all will be fun.  However all the best strokes come early on and the more tired you get the worse you are.  After a while it becomes plain embarrassing when everyone is having to wait for you. You find yourself having to apologise for your lack of skill.  The ultimate embarrassment starts when the others in your four start giving you tips. 

"Maybe use the club a little more"

At that point you lose any kudos you were acquiring and you will be forever marked in the other players' memory as the lame duck, the person put up for a role which you are not equipped to perform.

Remember to take plenty of ammo

I think that coming out the end of the day with that reputation is not something which will bring you any benefit.  I have played a round on many occasions and left people with a worse image of me upon departure than when I arrived.

Here's shot of the Managing and Senior partner on the Capital Markets golf day

So my advice - pass on the invitation.  Either go off and have some lessons, or put those clubs away in the loft and buy yourself a road bike.