Spotted at NRF:


They like their coffee like their work: no Fairtrade rubbish.

But who owns a mug like this? No doubt quite a few lawyers agree with the sentiment, but not many would express it so boldly. It takes a partner to do that.

That's my guess anyway. And one with a modicum of power. This person isn't just slapping the idealistic youngsters in the face every time they have a brew, they're trampling on the lovely huggy image firms are desperate to project. 

This rebel cry of a mug scoffs at every marketing, grad rec, DEI and HR person in the firm. And probably the board, too. So I'm going to plump for 'untouchable massive biller'. And male. 

Though I'd be delighted to learn that it's the chalice of a first seat trainee - talk about setting out your stall.

Please also appreciate, pushed to the side, the mug emblazoned with the meme of the dog in a fire insisting, 'This is fine'. 

Together with the cheery - 29th birthday? - mug, this cupboard contains an uncanny representation of the personality mix in your average practice. Crashingly confident DNGAF alphas to the fore, anxious assistants wracked with imposter syndrome in the shadows, and a blissful few who maintain a spring in their step regardless of the workload. I'm not sure what the risky stacking represents, close teamwork or office romances.



anon 02 February 24 09:02

I prefer the "this is fine" mug. Likely a stressed member of the IT or someone from Risk Management...