Problem of a "reader"....

"I've been on holiday a lot over August and I'm finding it very hard to get back to working. I've done nothing since July."  

Some peace and solitude is important to recharge your batteries

You've probably got until Christmas before anyone notices. Now private schools are back, by the time all the partners with kids at boarding school have come back from the Maldives it will be well into October. Then  all your line managers will be busy completing their CPD and avoiding filling in the interim assessments for the team. 

It's only November that their attention turns to the team - like Sauron's burning lidless eye - wondering about Christmas and will they be able to afford any presents under the tree. Because partners are human and have all the demands and stresses of family life as well as running an business and keeping you employed. 

Bill Bills Bills

So get off your arse and start ringing your friends and acquaintances and get some business in. As no one gets anything for nothing anymore.