So a major milestone was achieved this week - I have now created over 100 of these London lockdown by colour collages.  I must admit when I started this back in March on day 1 of lockdown, I never envisaged I’d still be going in July.  Friends and colleagues have frequently asked me when I think I might stop and I’m currently toying with ending the series at number 150.  I’m thinking it might be quite nice one day to just go on a walk without thinking about what colour to photograph.

Well, I have also learned that Morris Minors are extremely popular with the online community.  When I posted my turquoise collage including a Morrie of the same colour, my tagging #morrisminor attracted a considerable number of likes.  My brother informed me there was a strong Morris Minor fan club in NZ as there are still a large number of these cars being driven on the roads, which to no small extent is due to the fact that NZ doesn’t salt its roads meaning the cars have stood up to the passage of time better.  I know the UK does salt its roads often over the winter months but this turquoise number looked pretty good to me.

I did enjoy a friend’s comment about my yellow and black collage day. This colour combo was decided upon (like my turquoise day) because of one car, in this case the black Lamborghini with yellow line markings. She asked whether it was the Batmobile or just a cheesed-off highway line crew that had painted over the car!