Well this week I started house-sitting for friends who had gone on holiday and needed someone to look after their cats.  Having now spent so much time in my own flat given it has become both workplace and home, I jumped at the chance to look at different walls (and enjoy a very nice garden) for a while.  Although my friends live in the same borough as me, it was nice to extend some of my walks into areas I had not yet explored.  

Accordingly, I was able to tackle Neapolitan ice cream colours (vanilla, strawberry & chocolate aka cream/white, pink and brown; another challenge from the same colleague who had previously asked for the Olympic medal colours) in the hope I’d come across new things befitting the theme.  Fortunately this proved to be the case (down to an ice cream parlour decked out in pink and cream) although I was rather despairing near the end as to whether I’d come across a brown car (also not a popular car colour).  However, I remembered from a walk a couple of months back, a small private car park not far from my friends’ home and decided to swing by it in the slim hope I’d find one.  Well the gods were smiling on me as I came across a brown Jaguar XJ12 c1970s (thank you Uncle G for the identification).  The 1970s made sense as I can’t imagine it’s been a car colour used often by the brand since!

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West coast canadian 08 August 20 05:28

please carry on taking pictures of the pretty cars, we love the mg, the elusive brown xj coupe and the morris!