The two paralegals suspended by Leigh Day after they were accused of touting for business from victims of the Grenfell Tower fire have resigned.

Harnita Rai and Sejal Sachania were accused of producing a poster which appeared around Grenfell Tower in the aftermath of the blaze on 14 June, in which at least 80 people died. The flyer depicted British passports and personal email addresses for Rai and Sachania. It reportedly read, "Our aim is to help you kick-start any potential insurance claims and review any complex documents". A disclaimer stated, "We do not charge for the assistance we provide. However a third party may charge for their services".

Leigh Day, which has just emerged victorious (albeit with some dissent) from a record-length hearing at the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal for alleged wrongdoing in relation to claims against British troops, suspended the paralegals after learning of the poster when it was first reported in The Times.

It also launched an internal investigation. Today a spokesman for the firm confirmed to RollOnFriday that the suspended paralegals have tendered their resignations before the probe completed. Surprising nobody, their notices have been accepted.

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A Leigh Day spokesman said, "As soon as the posters displayed around the Grenfell Tower were brought to our attention, a formal internal investigation was commenced. Both paralegals have chosen to tender their resignations before this investigation completed, these resignations have been accepted".
In response to questions from RollOnFriday, he said, "We are clear that neither of the individuals have supplied any names to the firm as potential clients and Leigh Day was not the 'third party' referred to in the posters".

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Anonymous 15 July 17 01:38

They just do not seem to care about anything. Let off by the SRA and here we go again.

Anonymous 15 July 17 20:36

Did their contracts of employment or self employed specify no work on the side?
Did these paralegals write the adverts which I think had quite complex wording relating to later fees? Who paid for the printing?