I assumed that last week's German tax lawyers were the most enthusiastic lawyers in Germany. They expressed a stunning degree of affection for their chosen métier, one claiming "Excel is my passion", and that tax had a "thrilling legal aura which didn't let me go".

   "Hold my stein."   

Then a tipster alerted us to Raffaele Raineri's LinkedIn page. Raineri is an IP lawyer based in Munich and he bloody loves it. It is not known how he got hold of my haircut from 1994.

Raineri's lust for law prompted RollOnFriday's source to comment, somewhat unfairly, "What an absolute knobber". He does, it is true, go on like Gwyneth Paltrow espousing her gloopy Goop philosophy:

But he also deftly anticipates accusations of knobbery (see above):

Don't worry Raffaele, it doesn't come across as pretentious, because it doesn't come across. It's a buzzword salad, now please go into overdrive.

If you've spotted a lawyer being very grand about the process of submitting applications to patent minor variations in the design of a spork, carton or tube, write in.


Anonymous 13 October 17 12:40

Protecting IP rights, Raffaele, is very much like making love to a beautiful woman...

Anonymous 19 October 17 18:06

In a market traditionally dominated by boutiques headed by academics, Luigi Mansani offers the unique combination of heading the IP practice of an International Law Firm being a university professor. Well known by judges, respected by colleagues, loved by clients for his 25 years' experience in handling the most complex matters and for his academic profile, Luigi is one of the major stars in Italian IP.

Anonymous 18 October 17 15:03


"Luigi is a maniac for quality ... Luigi has a true love for IP, nourished also by his zest for contemporary arts and design."