"...and as I shovelled the cat to the side of the road, I was reminded of our Lord Jesus Christ, who also helped the less fortunate find a place of sanctuary. Please stand for hymn 241, Make Me A Channel of Your Peace."

Please sit to enjoy this thought-provoking email from DWF's HR boss to the rest of the firm:

dwf sermon

If they ever need a career change, any parish would be lucky to have them.

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Anon 21 May 22 17:05

I used to work in a firm with an actual vicar as HR director, and he never sent this kind of nonsense round.

Anon 27 May 22 21:59

I have often said that any function that has to completely rebrand itself frequently such as HR/Talent Management/People Solutions/Human Capital Management clearly has an issue.

Anonymous 22 June 22 18:08

It's funny how so many employees think the firm's focus is on them as humans rather than as resources.