Problem of a reader:

“I’m a hottie (I’m just being honest).  Short of putting a photo of myself in my bikini on my CV, how can I make sure that this comes across?”

I think there is a critical path to making this apparent without coming across as (too) shallow. Obviously the first thing is to check who is likely to be your boss or interviewer – pitch your approach to your market. Now please don't take this as my personal opinion - I am simply trying to help you achieve your goal.

If it’s a suitable panel, go for it.

Think about your experience, your interests, your previous jobs and your role as an example for women trying to break the glass ceiling in business.

For instance, if you were on the brochure for the recruitment milk round or the “join us” section of the website, people will assume you have a face which can be shown in public. Put it on your CV.

If your previous roles included something which is “public facing” such as UHNW private client or litigation, where you need to look presentable in court, then that may be another clue. Put it on your CV.

Were you in the school play in a leading lady role (the Upper Sixth present “Basic Instinct”) or another glamourous role (excluding Princess Fiona in Shrek)?  Put it on your CV. "I played Baby Spice in the Varsity production of "Spiceworld The Movie The Play"

Your current hobbies should of course always include “going to the gym”, which is the default code for “I’m a hottie”.  If you can broaden that to refer to a type of exercise (TRX or Barre) which is particularly effective and requires some form of flexibility, that’s even better. A class as opposed to a solitary activity shows that you are in good enough shape to brave exercise in athleisure it in front of others - and that alone should entitle you to a bonus on the interview score. Put it on your CV.

Maybe you could start a blog or Instagram feed which is filled with inspirational quotes and photos of you achieving things.  Whilst looking hot (not sweating hot – hottie hot). Buy some followers and put it on your CV. "I do a lot of charity swims"

Whilst this is not exactly standing shoulder to shoulder with the sisterhood, it is using your god given gifts to counter the benefits given to men by other men (who are not gods but think they are).  I see no shame in that.   Certainly, my looks were always a help and never a hindrance.