My background: I studied at BPP Holborn for the LPC, then trained and qualified with Eversheds LLP (now Eversheds Sutherland) as a real estate solicitor. I left in 2009 to have babies, and was just thinking of returning to law when I suffered a massive brain haemorrhage in 2013.

I'm writing this because I want to warn young lawyers to put their finances in order early on - I turned 30 in hospital. I can't emphasise enough that being disabled and trying to recover is the hardest thing I have done, by far. Five years on, I’m not there yet! It is also incredibly expensive. What happened to me should be widely known, and should act as a cautionary tale.

While I was really lucky to have had my own critical illness cover which paid out, not everyone has this. They absolutely should. Lots of people are covered by their firms, as was I when I worked. But I still would have been stuck if I had not also taken out personal insurance. We each don't know what is round the corner - I certainly didn't.

I have a little blog (to keep me busy as I can't work). I hope it might be of interest:



Claire Withnall 26 February 19 12:53

I wrote the above - I am assuming (hopefully rightly) that all the thumbs down are the equivalent of the sad face emoji and not general dislike lol...


I have had my life changed and my career is effectively non existent all before I hit 30 so I really don't think I deserve 17 thumbs down unless its seen as the equivalent  of the sad face emoji!

Coffers 13 March 19 22:38

Take it easy, Claire. I wouldn't read too much into the thumbs down. You are right on the ball with your message. As with everything else in life, us humans have our own priorities and yes some of us, despite the best caution, still slip through. 

You have come through fighting your battle and you are coming out winning. Hold tight and have faith. 

If it helps, share your recovery as and when you can. Not all of us are bastards when it comes to acknowledging and appreciating human sufferings. :)

Good luck

Claire Withnall 15 March 19 18:09

I just wanted to say simply - thank you.


I have updated my blog with a relevant post - check it out if you are interested...