Thanks to the reader who alerted RollOnFriday to a firm which has mistaken its lawyers for Vanity Fair models.

Osbornes Law has put up an advert at Hampstead station where grim-faced commuters can admire the glamour of lawyers talking shop: 


Wills, Probate & Trusts always dropped the wittiest bon mots.


Tour operators often use the sombre setting of the Tube to punch up the appeal of their paradise getaways, but it's less common to see lawyers doing it. Here, though,  the Cotswolds set (otherwise known as Osbornes lawyers) contrast the drudgery of the worker-drone with their own luxurious lifestyle.

Googling the firm's website, I expected to find its fashion beacons straddling a chaise lounge, or shooting pheasants in matching barbour and knits, or all playing cellos. But the reality is this:

Osborne pic 3

Osbornes work

Matching biros and flagons of concentrated orange juice at a meeting where everyone looks like there's been another death. Ah well.

Osbornes Law is not alone in depicting its lawyers looking like anything but lawyers.



Barnard 88 15 February 19 11:33

Family Matters seem to give rise to special hilarity.

Je Suis Monty Dans l’Autobus 26 February 19 00:30

I quite like the main advert. But how much OJ does one meeting need?

Hello it's me 04 March 19 13:32

A marketing campaign which shows an idealised image of the services they are promoting? I'm scandalised.