Northern Irish firm Holmes & Moffitt has become an unwitting vendor of dietary supplements.

Unusually for a law firm, it splits its website into five sections: Home, About Us, What We Do, Contact Us, and Weight Loss Pills.

The link works, taking browsers who came for conveyancing advice but stayed for a fat-shedding miracle to a screed of garbage text familiar to dedicated RoF readers. It goes on for ages. In fact it's by far the largest part of the site. I don't recommend reading it though, it's like Yoda tried to cash in and write his diet philosophy but suffered a massive and prolonged fit during the dictation.

However, it does throw up some good band names, underlined in case you're starting one.

The last time RoF reported hackers altering a law firm's website it was to sell viagra. They've done a more professional job this time. Holmes & Moffit's website is the latest IT assault to be wreaked on poor old law firms, some of which have only just got a handle on the telefacsimile machine. An angry, tech-savvy ex-client recently created an incredibly rude clone of an Austrian firm's official site. Mossack Fonseca has seen its dirty electronic laundry nicked and waved around. Olswang staff were fooled into paying scammers tens of thousands because someone emailed them pretending to be the Chief Exec. Last week it was revealed that Burges Salmon's website had been ripped off and reskinned by conmen who even stole the profiles of its lawyers.

Luckily, so far, RollOnFriday has escaped the attentions of the blackhats. All we get are excellent business offers from dying millionaires who picked us to invest their fortunes.