The Daily Mail has confused a lawyer with a face-tattooed motorbike gang member.

The strange mistake was made in a story about New Zealand lawyer Steven Welch Rollo, who was recently convicted of possessing methamphetamine. One of Rollo's former clients was Dennis Makalio, a heavily tattooed Kiwi gang member of the 'Mongrel Mob'.

And that was all it took for the Daily Mail to produce an exciting story about a "face-tattoed bikie lawyer":


The Mail's reporter made her claims about the state of Rollo's face on the basis of a photograph which has been used to illustrate other stories about the lawyer's meth downfall. On the left, it depicts an addled-looking gentleman sporting a Mohawk-mullet combo who is wearing a well-used camo vest and has a face full of tattoos. On the right, a man in a suit.


Rollo is of course the man who doesn't look like he's wandered out of Mad Max.

To be fair to the Daily Mail, these mistakes can happen when you're under pressure to knock out 25,000 click-bait articles a day. Or maybe the Mail's lawyers have led the journalist to make assumptions.
The Daily Mail's legal team arrive at the office. How they look?


For an accurate account of the story, here's RoF's take.

For any lawyers who actually do have a massive face tattoo, various options are available.