You are white. You are male. You are holding a frame. You are diversity. And so is your pal who looks just like you, he is also diversity. Together you can made (sic) a difference.



Anonymous 15 Mar 18

two men saying they ARE diversity on international women's day? That's the irony (and the reflection of token nods towards diversity in most firms). Sad they couldn't find just one stray woman in the office for a post allegedly about international women's day. This highlights why we still need international women's day.

Anonymous 14 Mar 18

How ignorant is this article and half of the comments on it? Gender and race are not the only markers of diversity and not all diversity is visible to the eye. Fair play to the guys in the photo for making an effort and not feeling that a commitment to diversity necessitates always asking a woman to join you for a photobombing.

It's as if people think tokenism is what will really move the needle on diversity. Think for a moment, eh.

Anonymous 09 Mar 18

I cringed pretty hard at this, but still - isn't this kind of stunt exactly what we should be pushing for, as part of women's progress - for men to get behind it too? By demeaning every little attempt that men might make in supporting events such as IWD, it risks resentment.

Anonymous 09 Mar 18

They could be autistic, they could be homosexual or, as from a little research would show, from two different countries (USA and UK). It's not so much male activists being "triggered" but the view point that white men cannot be diverse "just because" is a little tiring.

Cringetastic photo though!

Anonymous 09 Mar 18

Always surprises me what delicate snowflakes men’s rights activists are. Threatened even when people are just saying it’s funny that two white dudes are claiming to represent diversity.

Anonymous 09 Mar 18

@anon 03:28. Your typically prejudiced viewpoint assumes that because these two gentlemen are white that they can't be diverse. Diversity is not merely black or white male or female. Diversity comes in many forms. This war on men is doing more damage to the cause than most think.

Anonymous 09 Mar 18

But they’re not espousing diversity are they, they’re claiming to be diversity. A small but crucial difference which makes them look kinda ludicrous given their um undiverse appearance. Looks like cringey unthinking compliance with requests from the csr people to hold up the frame take the pic and use the catchphrase. You’d understand how it’s a bit weird to claim you represent diversity and inclusion if you were a middle aged white bloke not three ducks.

Anonymous 08 Mar 18

Are you suggesting they shouldn't bother espousing diversity because they haven't filled the photo with a token woman/ethnic person?

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