I am delighted that Roll on Friday have given me permission to write a short blog about my fundraising for the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA).

I’m running the Vienna Marathon on 23.04.2017 on behalf of the SIA
and I would be grateful for your kind support.

My fundraising page is:  

You’ll no doubt be aware that JustGiving sends donations straight to the Spinal Injuries Association and automatically reclaims Gift Aid if the donor is a UK taxpayer, so the donation is worth even more.

You are probably wondering why I’m running for the SIA?

I'm running for the SIA because I am a solicitor who, over the past 9 years, has worked with many people who have suffered spinal injuries.

I have seen first hand the devastating effect that a spinal injury can intially have and just how much medical treatment, rehab, pain management, and psychological support is needed following an injury.

I recognise how much care and assistance  is needed, with day to day living, as well as the shere volume of equipment and aids that have to be purchased following a spinal injury.

I know the remarkable stories of those I have worked with who, with invaluable support  and unshakeable fortitude, have learnt to overcome Spinal Injuries.

I hope that by running the Vienna marathon I can help , in a small way , to contribute to the SIA and the vital work it does.

The SIA and I would be most grateful for your kind support.

Many thanks and Best Wishes

Alistair  Stokes



Anonymous 04 April 17 15:00

Alistair Stokes

Another week down another target down.

We are now on course to break £1600.00. Many thanks again to all my kind supporters.

Not long until the marathon now (less than 3 weeks).

Sundays 22 mile run was a bit of an eye opener as I hit the dreaded "wall" at 18 miles. That will teach me for skipping the porridge. Oh well, better it happens now than on Marathon Day.

Given the training hiccup I've stocked up on energy gels, gel boosts, energy drinks & energy bars for the big day! I'm not going to lie, it doesn’t look appetising.

Anonymous 30 March 17 10:14

Alistair Stokes

I would just like to say many thanks to everyone for their kind support, so far.

In the last 8 days we've managed to smash all the targets we have set up to now: £350; £550; £1000; £1100; £1400.

I have been genuinely taken aback by everyones generosity and kind support.

My sponsors will be pleased to know that after Sundays 20 mile run I'm in surprisingly fine fettle and relishing this Sundays 22 mile run. It has been remarked that I enjoy these long runs far too much and may have a screw loose. That may be true.

Not long now until Viennese cakes and schnitzels, oh and the marathon of course.

Anonymous 26 April 17 11:25

Alistair Stokes

Just to let you all know I survived the Vienna marathon.

I went around in 3 hours 36 minutes, which is a new marathon PB for me. I'm delighted, but not sure my legs are.

The final fundraising total, including gift aid, comes to over £2,100.00.

Many thanks once again for all of your kind support and generous donations.

Next up the Oslo marathon in September ??????????????????????????

Anonymous 21 April 17 17:20

Alistair Stokes

The marathon is nearly here! It's great to see the final target of £1,700.00 has almost been hit. If we can hit £1,700.00 then, with the gift aid donations, we will have raised over £2,000.00 in total! Fantastic stuff!

A big thank you once again for all of the kind support and generous donations.

I'm now half way through Day 2 of Carbo loading!

For those wondering what Carbo loading is like, it's a bit like being at an all day all you can eat buffet, stocked with things you really don't want to eat! Bring on the pasta filled bagels!

Anonymous 10 April 17 18:06

I'm delighted that after another week of fundraising the £1,600.00 target has been broken and we are on course to break the target of £1,700.00. Once again many thanks to all of my generous donors and kind supporters.

So the Taper begins. This is the first weekend, in the past 10, that I won't have to run in excess of a half marathon on a Sunday. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself. I'll probably just have to spend more time on my other hobby of "Yorkshire Pudding devouring", which I think explains why I run so far.