Women's final
3StandardDeviations 13 Jul 19 15:20
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Did it even last an hour?

The first set in the Rafa v Federer semi was 50 minutes.

And they demand equal pay?

Sponsors must be pissed off.  And can you imagine doing the whole corporate thing and the match is over before you finish your starter!


Halep was brilliant - never stopped running and never gave any free points away.

Tbf her game has improved massively since the breast reduction. 

When I go to the cinema to watch a film the cost is the same, regardless of how long the film is.  If I’m being entertained then I’m happy.

The girls tennis is better IMO anyway despite the matches being shorter.

The state of womens tennis generally though, Serena managed to walk to the final having played 12 matches all season.


Well  done Halep

Supreme athlete with her footballer fathers thighs

BBC tennis correspondent Russell Fuller: . I don't think anyone is going to feel short-changed by the 56 minutes of tennis that they have seen today because they have seen one of the all time great Wimbledon final performances."

Angela approves https://youtu.be/WMXKXogr6tM

Ah but both the duchesses were watching side by side so all happy families there 

Men's doubles should be paid at least double the women. Proper tennis. Amazing.