Wimbo Semis - Roger v Nadal




Hopefully I can slope off at 3.00pm to watch it.


i am looking forward to this match enormously, and I genuinely don't care who wins 

reason being this is a match for the ages. At 37 and 33 it shouldn't even be happening at SF. Winning and losing won't have any bearing on who comes out as the all time leading slam winner because Djokovic lurks, but we need to know who's better out of Roger and Rafa, and this is highly relevant to that...

Djokovic is going to knock Bautista out of SW19 though. 

We do know who's better - Federer is the greatest male tennis player.

I think the Djokovic match will be closer than you think. They’ve played twice this year, and Novak lost both times.

If it all comes down to who wins the most slams then I don't think we can say who will come out on top 

i tell you one thing, which is I doubt the current ceiling of Federer's 20 will hold...

Fed probably has one more in him.

Whether Rafa or Novak can get to 22... I think Novak maybe has a chance. It depends on whether the next generation ever materialise or not.

Who is going to stop Rafa at Rolland Garros is the big question

I suspect injuries and ultimately retirement are the only challenges to him there

Exactly. I can’t see him winning another 4 on the clay, and he’s not going to win anywhere else.

I can see him winning 4 more on the clay - his only battle is against himself there

Judy Carter12 Jul 19 12:50

Djokovic is going to knock Bautista out of SW19 though. 


... The wrestler turned actor? What?

Really? With Rafa being 36 and 37 and with Thiem around? He’ll win one, maybe two more at the French. 

I can’t see him getting past 20.

I can see nadal getting past 20 yes

I'd say this Wimbledon is close to being last chance saloon for Federer to add to his tally...

The other thing about Federer is because he's slightly older, he had an advantage in 2003 and 2004, when competition was slightly less intense, and he won 4 of his slams then.

This is slightly unfair, but nonetheless look at the finals of those slams and it was a bit of dip in the market as it were

Can lolz and kaul just make their respective positions clear please about whether or not Nadal will get past 20 chz thanks

lol @ the idea that federer having an unfair advantage in 03/04 because he was just miles better than everyone else

sure, that’s exactly how it works

Ok look, Federer's first 5 slams (with Finalist opponent):

2003 Wimbledon (Philippoussis)

2004 Oz (Saffin)

2004 Wimbledon (Roddick)

2004 US Open (Hewitt)

2005 Wimbledon (Roddick)


competition slightly lower during this period...

With the exception of Philppoussis they're all world number 1s.


What's your point?

i'm trying to make sense of your claim that the competition was weak.


It's proving quite challenging.