Why do people still use Ryan Air



I would rather not go if theonly choice  I had was  to fly with them

I flew Ryanair to Carcassonne as it is the only airline flying there. But I generally agree that if you have to save up to fly with them for a holiday you are likely setting yourself up for a lot of disappointment. Only fly with them if you are willing to throw money at any problem that results when things go wrong.

I find all air travel unpleasant so don't mind who I fly with.  I think Monarch are actually worse than Ryanair for the overall experience.

I refuse to fly Ryanair too. 

Easyjet manage to do the budget airline thing without treating their customers as an inconvenience in the way that Ryanair does.


wot Queenie said. I am willing to pay more money to avoid them - it will all work out to the same price anyway when their charges are added. 

Its a more difficult choice if they are the only option to a destination but I would give serious thought to changing destination 

For the authentic cattle experience, you cannot do better than Jetair 

The seats on Monarch WERE tiny do you mean, I never had any problem and I am a bloata

Bah, we're not here to be loved  - by service providers. Look at the facts.

Newer fleets than anyone else, I don't care about the bad manners, they're safer.

And, as the porpoise said, go in the spirit that you can throw money at problems.

And, don't use them for any of the destinations where they fly into the cargo airport fifty miles outside the city. They fly into enough real airports, and I use them all the time for those.  

It's two years since I flew Monarch but prior to that used them three summers running to get to Turkey and did not enjoy five hours in a seat where my knees touched the seat in front despite me being on the Jayerz side height wise.