Why am I and Dulcie in orange

on the board topic list and the rest of you in black?

I know know if its a reply I have left on a thread   but why is Dulcie orange too

You are the only two who have cilcked the little orange dot 

It's caused by a data dump by a defecting FSB officer. I never suspected you of being a traitor Abbey. You should grab that escape bag and disappear quickly. MI5 will be on their way, once they get out of special measures.

The little orange dot by the subject line of each of thread. You must have both clicked it,

Abs - I managed to turn it off if you go into the moderator's control panel.

My name keeps changing from  orange to black depending on which thread I post on, 

Who is Dulcie?


And who is Cookie posting as these days?  I've quite lost track.

Ooh - I see what you mean.  You've gone black on this thread! 

Good lord.  You didn't answer my other question, by the way.  Who exactly is Cookie posting as these days?

Haha  asking me!!! I haven't got as clue who most posters are these days