Who is The Secret Tory?

Tobias Ellwood or Johnny Mercer maybe? Always struck me as less nutty than most (more misguided). Or Tugendhat although he seems to lack the humour.

Whoever it is (clearly not an actual MP you gullible berks) they are very funny. The book is excellent.

The thing is, if they are actually a Tory MP, then the irony is that they will be expecting to be congratulated or praised for stepping down and unmasking themselves

Instead, what they will find is that every single voting decision they made or statement they made publicly will be instantly scrutinised, and they will receive a lot of flak from both sides. 

There are very few Tory MP rebels if any - David Davis another contender perhaps

Seriously? You think the secret tory twitter account who publishes a fake letter every week and used to run the parody mark ne pas francois account might be a real MP? You think this for real?

"well, they have said they are an MP so"

They have also said they have an OBE and they are a part time arms dealer, and those two things haven't gone together since the 80s.

He has a message for you dullards who fell for it.

"If people are feeling cheated I'm not a real MP, I'd like to say I'm sorry," Morris said. "But I'm not. It's got a lot more to do with the behaviour of the people sitting in Westminster, than my skills as a con artist."


So it's not a Conservative MP. It's a chippy bellend with a mullet. 

What an utter waste of time Twitter is.