Who here likes their job

yes otherwise i wouldn’t do it

law is stressful but actually quite fun when you get into it


Me.  But I am not a solicitor and I don't work for a law firm, so that increases my chances of work happiness by about 80%.

I do. I am a solicitor and I work as in house legal counsel. 

The only lawyers who like their job are entirely creatively stunted. 

Well not everyone is creative or desires to be surely pinkus

Well not everyone is creative or desires to be surely pinkus

Then why even exist? 

Yes, but an in-house one.

Someone on here (Rural Lawyer?) asked his wife to slam his testicles in the car door if he ever considered returning to private practice.

Most thought that an excessively mild punishment. 

Why exist if you're not creatively inclined? What an odd thing to say.

I'm not in the least bit creative, so fuck you Pinkus ;)

I'm not in the least bit creative, so fuck you Pinkus ;)

I'm sure that's not true Stix ;-)

just getting barked at all day by absolute no-marks, for, frankly, middling money

I’d advise a young graduate to do almost anything else tbh

Money doesn’t really matter than much anyway provided you can pay for shelter and food

I am sacking it as soon as I humanly can

  • Yes since I left law. 
  • There's more pressure now than ever but I get paid for being  clever. 
  • That never happened in law. 
  • I'd rather get paid for having massive delts

The law itself is interesting, everything else around it in PP is nightmare. The culture sucks because of the way everyone is measured.

I disliked in house more tbh. You’ll always be a cost centre, a human slave in an insect nation where someone else brings in the dolla. As PP lawyers we may grovel to our clients, but at least we’re front office - our labours bring in the money for the businesses of which we are part. We are “front office”. I prefer that.

I hate law with a burning passion, but if I’m any kind of lawyer I’m a PP one.

But you’ve got to be tough to thrive in PP. I am tough. Whatever my flaws, I am a resilient morherfucker. I can see that a lot of people don’t have the personality for PP and for them in house is probably a happier path.

I pick and chose the clients I work for. I pick and chose the colleagues I work with. I eat what I kill. What's not to like?

what I don’t get about your shop Buzz is: if you want to be a sole practitioner why not be one, and avoid having to give away a share of the ding-ding? Please do not respond in a chippy way that implies how dare I question your life choices (as per rof, forever, passim). I’m just asking 

And what buzz said.

If you people are so clever and well adjusted, as you want everyone to believe, how come you’ve got no agency? Sack your therapists. 

The back office support mainly Laz. Fundamentally I'm a lazy disorganised fucker so the PI cover being arranged, the IT support, the client account administration, all the regulatory stuff, that's all taken care of. Plus you've got people you can call on to help out and referral work both ways. Not for everyone particularly if you've got high overheads (ie kids) but I don't need security of income beyond a fairly low level.

Yes I like it but then again I work in a weird in house capacity.

Laz you don't have to be tough in PP, you have to be a fantastic people pleaser to the expense of your own being. You might be confusing it with toughness to get yourself through. 

I never please people. Except in the sack.

  • Sorry but law is gash and so is everyone who calls himself a lawyer. 

I used to do transactional doc blozzing and it was mostly awful. Since moving to an advisory practice area, things are a lot better. 

If there were any return to PP (subject to car door event) then it would be likely the Buzz way over an ol’ fashioned firm. *raises lazy sod fist*

I ve worked in v large and medium size PP firms and all had shoite internal politics that actively worked  against most employees. I’ve worked In house and felt a meeellion times more valued / better conditions in all of them. Every job has some politics but every pp firm has psychos

I try and avoid projecting on to others careers but I decided against becoming the person required for equity a while ago so once I made that choice leaving was just timing (and luck). Anything else (in PP) is consultancy in whatever form that comes in. 

PII and regulation make it impossible to be a sole practitioner these days, more so if you would need to run a client account. 

I like my work but because I’m of the people I work with and some genuinely decent clients.

The grass is always greener. We may moan but most of us are paid more than the average salary and the conditions we work in are comfortable and we are not exposed to violence, physical hard work, night shifts, hazardous substances etc. Yes it can be stressful but there is stress in all jobs.

Like my job, in-house.  Don't know what its like as a more junior in-houser, maybe its more like PP, but as a senior lawyer in a big organisation its really interesting and rewarding.  I actually enjoy the law as an academic exercise to start with, but working within a business adds so much more breadth.  I look back at PP and shudder.

He doesn't mean anything Rue, it's just more pointless snide 

I like my job better than any other job I've had, except my first ever job aged 14 where I got paid a very small amount of money per hour to do not very much in the kitchen of a small fawlty towers style hotel. It was so much fun. Everyone was mad. 

I never want to work in-house for the reasons laz cited 

Senior in-house lawyers don't seem to do much law in my experience, just management, in which case why not manage something more interesting than a cost centre? And I'm being generous as management means in many cases building a sinecure for themselves.

I've built a niche in-house and it's been good to me if a bit limiting. I enjoy working with (and it is with) the business but most of my colleagues seem to prefer legal dept talking shops instead.

I like that a *have* a job. I think that's going to be a much bigger deal than people realize in 2021.

Yes, always liked it but even more so since 1994 when I set up my firm on my own working from home. What is not to like? It has everything  I want and need.

Thicky you repeatedly show that you’re not just, well, thick, you’re also foul.

Agency rue is some control over your future, not being some aimless cog in someone else’s machine. Subjective meaningfulness. Feeling you matter. Having a purpose.

Hoolie is a classic example of someone who confuses shouting with reasoning. She’s much happier in a parochial bitchfest than with any wider horizons. She repeatedly shows by her behaviour on here that her worldview tends to the shallow, judgmental and cunty. Jayerz correctly analysed her and she hounded him off here. She’s an utter horror.

Well I don’t actively hate it and I have a great work/life balance, so *shrugs*

Well that turned personal quickly. Let's keep it on topic. 

I don't love it, but I like it. My colleagues are almost universally great, the work is decently interesting and while the hours could be better, they're certainly not crazy. 

I rather enjoy what I do.

It could certainly be a lot worse.

I go through stages of wishing I was doing anything else, but then I enter chill zones where, pretty much what Queenie said. I've been in a chill zone for about three years.

There are days when I do enjoy it. Like today.  A litigant in person in a phone hearing called the mother in the proceedings a "fucking dumb bitch," then Counsel for the Independent Children's Lawyer a "fuckwit" and then, the piece de resistance... the presiding family court judge a "fucking dumb cunt" before hanging up. Why?  The judge favoured the handover venue proposed by the mother, supported by the ICL.

He'll never see his kids again, and nor should he. How could he possibly hope to support and advance his children's education with such a limited and uninspired vocabulary? 

Varies. Some days yes, others no.

Got to a stage where I'm coasting but the job security in these times is invaluable

Some days, I actively love it, and on the days that I don't love it, I like it very much (of course, that doesn't mean that I don't have my frustrations - but, in so far as I work with other human beings, that is hardly a surprise - and if I won the lottery, I think there is a very good chance I wouldn't carry on with it, but then, I probably wouldn't do anything useful at all!)

But, as jobs go, this one is very much alright.

I don't like what I do but I dislike it marginally less than I disliked being a lawyer. Moving on up in the world.

"Agency rue is some control over your future, not being some aimless cog in someone else’s machine. Subjective meaningfulness. Feeling you matter. Having a purpose."

Who the fuck has this?

This is basically why people build an online professional presence and serve as school governors etc. To convince themselves they matter. 

I don't need to convince myself I matter so I don't bother with things like school governorships. I also don't have any kids so if I did some might find that a bit creepy.

I think the question ‘do you like it?’ after you tell people what you do is sort of bass ackwards.

i would ‘like’ to have a job researching whether or not it’s possible to snowboard down a mountain, drunk and eating chocolate whilst simultaneously receiving a blowjob but as that’s unlikely to ever be a realistic prospect - I have to work.

I’m proud of some of the things I’ve done but I wouldn’t say I ‘like” my job.

I would probably say that I like my job. Not in the way that i would miss it if I had a fortnight off, but I don’t sit at home on a Sunday depressed about having to go back to work the next day.

Imagine I am happier in my job than a sizeable majority of people. No doubt there are a lot of people who are far happier than me - particularly those who can derive some sense of vocational satisfaction from what they do. 

I enjoy my 'real' (as my mother would say) legal job, and really love my 'play' job of running my gallery.

I am fortunate that my career has panned out in a very unusual way.

Sometimes it's OK and I don't have to work too hard (although I used to enjoy working hard when I did something I found interesting).  

But it crushes me with boredom and eats my soul with the knowledge that it will never get any better.

I was 99% of the way to my dream job - on 1/3 of the pay and probably longer and sometimes antisocial hours and locations - when it fell through last year.  :-(


why not just sack it and sit self indulgently on your ass until the dream comes along again?

Re school governorships, I’m up for that and am already bustling my way onto committees and stuff at Lazbor-1’s school (she’s only in nursery, or pre-reception in english terms. Better to matter a tiny bit than not at all.

The dream lies at the end of a peculiarly opaque process, so there can be no assurance.  It's possible that I've been scrubbed forever. And getting steadily older probably doesn't help.

would u mind explaining what the dream is m99

r u aiming to become a politician?

for if that is the case, rest assured, in that game nobody is ever scrubbed forever

I love my job. I can't imagine not doing it. I hate the lockdown and can't wait to get back into the office. 

Do you only love your job when you’re doing it in the office? 

I certainly like my job a lot better when I’m doing it in the office. Going in again from next wk.


Is there only one of your dream job in the world and you’re scared I’ll steal it if you tell me? Justified tbh

Nah Laz.  Don't worry about that.  I can pretty confidently say you don't tick the right boxes.

I genuinely really like what I do but I think that’s because I’ve been doing it so long that it’s kind of part of who I am. It’s hard, and this year it’s got a lot harder, but I feel like I’m doing something useful and have some sense of purpose. 

Plus I get to wear a cape. What’s not to like. 

I like it more when I'm in the office. I like the people I work with, but also 'in the office' is shorthand for seeing people face to face, including particular clients and barristers - having a gossip over a drink or two.  But I love what I do anyway. I try to stretch myself and never think I know everything but I've got a track record so I get to do some funky stuff.

Well done Suzie - a new poster on her way to tunning already!

I love it. Particularly the huge day to day, week to week, month to month variety of doing different stuff.

Equally, I work with incredibly bright people who wear the cleverness in a very understated way. I am always learning , add into the mix they come from a range of backgrounds, and nationalities , all of which makes for an interesting work experience.