Whatcha doin'

roll call of sorts

and post your tune

Lying in bed, eating a bar of cadbuys whole nut and thinking about watching the 'breaking away from earth' episode of babylon 5. 

escape at dannemora

wife has a cold so has gone to bed

Wednesday hot date night.

Roast poussin and oven chips, salad. Pomerol.

Another Day of Sun

Sitting in the office. Waiting for the other side to respond to an amendment. For a deal that apparently has to be signed tonight. I have five clients in a meeting room downstairs. I am literally the last lawyer here.

God that sucks hope you get it signed off ASAP and get thee to bed

Im in bed after finishing peaky blinders. Huge hole in my life now tbh. Huge.

Whats up Miss T....you are usually a sorted girl. Why or how this hole?


Chambo - aye :) 

taking a dump before I go out in the rain to look for Guillemots 

hope u r ok T; and that the hole is only box set shaped.