What is wrong with Merkle



Everything is obviously not fine

Stress of being a royal innit. She wanted it though so no sympathy

Could just be a side effect of something she takes - I have a slight tremor due to some stuff but every now and again I shake so much I can’t hold a glass of water without spilling it all.  Lasts about a minute or two and then I’m fine for weeks.

The software patch hasn't worked again and they are rewriting the sneaky German Euro takeover 3.4 version. 

I have no particular view on her politics and therefore no need to support or despise her. But I feel enormously sad that a personal health issue -  which may be a shock and mystery to her as much as it is to anyone else  - is playing out by way of BBC reportage. 

Let her get the news of her neurological issues in private FFS. 


Age is a fucker. 

At least in the past you were able to turn into a cabbage privately.